The CD is launched in Bali!

Ayo! Let’s Go! was officially launched in Bali at two fun-filled events in October 2016. It was so much fun to share the songs in public and see kids laugh, join in with actions and sing along.


Mita, Reena and Olga in action at the Sunday Market Sanur


“Took off with the bunch! I missed out on my lunch!” The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival event on Friday 29 October.

The Differences Between Monkeys and Possums was a great warm up and had everyone on their feet. Everyone agreed that monkeys were pretty naughty and could do all the things mentioned in the song. Nasi Putih was fun to do with the fast actions and some kids thought it was funny there was a song about white rice.


“Monkeys stole my hat” – he he he!


“Right above my head! The noise could wake the dead!” What an enthusiastic audience at the Sunday Market Sanur.

Children won Ayo! Let’s Go! t-shirts by proving they listened to the words of Bamboozled by Bamboo. They had to remember some of the 20 things mentioned in the song that can be made from bamboo.


First we were tall and thin like bamboo. Then we were bendy like bamboo.

And some liked The Birthday Party best of all, singing loudly: “satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima”.


Sing it out strong! “Buah-buahan, Buah-buahan.”


It’s Komodo! “Look out! Don’t go too slow!”


“Ayo ke pantai!” with Wisma Dantha on vocals.




Afterwards, everyone had a goody bag with activity sheets, colouring in pages, pencils and a sticker.


Arjuna and Reena. Just as well we had shade as it was very hot at the Sunday Market Sanur.


The Howarth Family with their CD.




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