Ayo! Let’s Go! now on sale!

ayo-lets-go-cd-coverI want to say I was waiting with baited breath as the DHS delivery guy pulled up in front of my house to deliver the boxes of CDs. But I was away at the coast and the DHS guy had to leave them with my husband who respectfully left me the pleasure of opening up the boxes.

And when I got home, there they were! Sparkling blue and white covers with shiny shrink wrap protecting their gorgeous digipaks with lovely full colour printing and 16-page booklet tucked into the sleeve.

Yep, 16 pages. It was so big I had to contact CD Baby to ask if they could print a booklet that large. They sure could! And after a few short weeks of sending them the artwork by Louise Bell – more beautiful than I could have hoped – they were sending them back to me.

And now I’m making them available to everyone else through a  simple online form or digital downloads. Your choice! Postal orders are for Australia only.


Ayo! Let’s Go! booklet page


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