School visits

Since launching the CD in October 2016 I’ve visited schools in Canberra and Bali with an interactive performance based around songs from the CD. The children sing along to some of the songs, follow along with actions and then do yoga poses that relate to the songs. The response that I’ve had from students and teachers from schools in Canberra and Bali has been terrific!

I usually incorporate the yoga poses after the songs where we can talk about the content of the song. I’ve noticed children who have struggled to follow the song actions enthusiastically trying the yoga poses. It also focuses their attention brilliantly before we introduce a language concept or a new song.


The songs include Indonesian words and phrases and the language aspect can be emphasised as much or as little as desired. These songs can be used with children who have never studied Indonesian and my goal is to instill a love of language learning in young children. After enjoying singing and moving along with these songs, the children should be left with the idea that learning Indonesian – or any language – is great fun!

For the past two years I have visited schools to teach yoga to kids. In 2016 I have been teaching weekly classes to preschool and years 1/2. I was lucky enough to have been able to do a Yoga Alliance-certified 95-hour Yoga for Kids & Teens course with the wonderful Beta Lisboa in 2015 that gave me an amazing foundation for working with children. I’ve been teaching yoga to adults since 2014 but it’s so different with younger people. And so enormously fun and inspiring!

A school visit can be an Ayo! Let’s Go! interactive performance or it can be yoga alone. The best days for school visits are Tuesday or Wednesday.

Contact me if you are interested in a school visit in the Canberra area (or even further afield) at reena.balding at