About Ayo! Let’s Go!

Ayo! Let’s Go! is a collection of children’s songs that mix English and Indonesian in a fun and engaging way. With all original songs, the CD is the result of a beautiful collaboration with Indonesian performers.

  • Ages 4–10
  • Greetings – Numbers – Tropical fruit – Animal names
  • Places and activities – Family members
  • Correct pronunciation – Word recognition – Understanding simple sentences
  • 16-page booklet with all lyrics
  • 10 full-length songs and 1 bonus Indonesian-only song

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“Reena presented a highly interactive, engaging musical and educational performance to our Preschool Possums class. AYO! LET’S GO! is superbly pitched to this age group. The children sang, danced and moved along to the rhythmic catchy tunes with Reena as they learned simple Indonesian words and phrases. They were a captive audience as they listened to stories about what other little children in another country like to do for fun, about cheeky monkeys taking shoes, birthday parties and “Oh No” Komodo Dragons too! We are now all keen to learn to count to 5 in Indonesian! Watch this space! Many thanks Reena – you are inspirational!”
Sharon de Rooy, Preschool Teacher, 2016


How Ayo! Let’s Go! came about

Music is one of the best ways to learn a language. A catchy tune and good rhythm must be the reasons I still remember the words to a Bosnian folk song that I learnt in 1992, a Mexican pop song that I learnt in 1993 and a Turkish hit from 1997.

I’ve been writing songs to teach my children Indonesian words and phrases since 2013 and now the songs with accompanying activities are going to be made available for all everyone who wants to spark an interest in children to learn Indonesian or about Indonesia.

Of course I couldn’t do it alone and I’ve been helped enormously by the input of an Indonesian language and music teacher, Australian primary school teachers, Indonesian friends, and musicians in Bali.

Ayo! Let’s Go! features the performers: Thomas Aro Zebua, Saraswati Paramita, Wisma Dantha, Mara Christina Vlug and Olga Spoelstra.

Ayo! Let’s sing, move and have fun with Indonesian!


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  1. That is so awesome Reena – well done! What a brilliant way to teach kids. I still remember all the words in German to Nena’s 1984 hit, “Neunundneunzig luftballoons” (English version – ‘ninety-nine red balloons’). Yes, I could’ve typed ’99’ but who doesn’t want to type ‘neunundneunzig’?

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